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Let's Raise This Baby Outside the Box
Let's Raise This Baby Outside the Box  By Pamela Mays McDonald

Today, I call on all proud Oaklanders and art-lovers to save our cultural spirit and nurture the soul of creativity, born in our hills and flatlands. Take to the streets this Friday evening, March 1, to reclaim Art Murmur for art lovers. Visit the galleries and patronize local businesses. Then, at 9:00 pm, I call on you to observe a moment of silence, then to leave the area -- peacefully. Let's show the world the Oakland that shines in our ideals; everyone is watching. In spite of February's tragic, post-festival shooting death arising from a dispute between two young men, we as a community can join forces to ensure the future of our city's vibrant arts scene. We must take back our streets from violence and fear. And what better opportunity than when we have all gathered together to celebrate beauty? Come on, we can hella do this. Read more @ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/pamela-mays-mcdonald/transforming-oaklands-fir_b_2766097.html