Oakland First Fridays Festival
2301 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, California 94612
By appointment only


Oakland First Friday Mission
The mission of First Friday is to bring unity and diversity through artistic creations for a harmonizing and better community that will be Oakland. To protect, evolve, spread a monthly event street event inclusive for Oakland artisans, brick and mortar, families, that showcases shares barters sells DIY artisan history arts culture and creations of Oakland. To create a platform for amplifying the concentrated creative brilliance of Oakland through curation of 10+ blocks filled with art sound taste and movement and construction of bridges which promote creative collaboration extending beyond the canvas, stage and plate.
Dates: Every Wednesday, April 13 through June 22 Time: 6 PM to 8:20 PM Location: 2301 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA 94612 Register before April 13 Fee: $99 for 10 sessions Green LEEF, in partnership with Oakland First Fridays, is proud to offer an entrepreneur series for local artisans who are ready to take the next step to become a business.  This is a ten-class series, and will guide participants through needed strategies to make your hobby or craft into a sustainable business. Who It's For: Artists Designers Artisans Hobbiests Entrepreneurs  Oakland First Friday Vendors What You'll Get: 20+ hours of in-class time Tools for strategic planning and business development Access to expert advice An opportunity to ensgage with a test market at Oakland First Fridays What You'll Learn: Business Basics Financial planning and management Business strategy Marketing and promotions (social media) Local business law