Frequently Asked Questions
Updated: March 2014

Oakland First Fridays festival and marketplace

About the Event

When: First Friday of Every Month
Where: Telegraph Avenue from West Grand to 27th
Set up: Streets will close to the public at 3 pm for set up. Sarah Kidder, the event coordinator, will be on site to assist you.
Event Times: 5–9 pm

What is the difference between Art Murmur and Oakland First Fridays?

Art Murmur is an organization of 40+ brick and mortar visual arts organizations, galleries, and collectives. Although Art Murmur was the original organizer of events on the first Friday of the month, they are no longer directly involved in the coordination of the activities on Telegraph Avenue.
Art Murmur is a cultural partner with Oakland First Fridays and exciting art exhibits are installed in many of the galleries that are open on First Fridays. an integral part of the art experience of the monthly event.
Find out what is happening in the Art Murmur galleries

Beyond Oakland First Fridays
Amazing and inspiring cultural events, art exhibitions, performances, and great food happen all over the city of Oakland and other events take place on the first Friday of the month. Together they create an exciting and diverse array of art, entertainment and food.

Participating in Oakland First Fridays

Participation in Oakland First Fridays is open to artists, street vendors, performers, galleries, musicians, art studios, food vendors, non-profit organizations, creative entrepreneurs, mobile art and music and interactive art areas.

Most of the process of getting involved in Oakland First Fridays can be done online, including application and payment.

More info about participating:
Food Vendors
Non-Food Vendors
Art Installations and Performers
Non-Profits and Community Organizations

Official Street Closures
The official street closure will go from Telegraph and 27th to  West Grand Avenue with 26th, 25th, 23rd, and 22nd being closed to through traffic between Telegraph and Broadway. Cross Traffic will be on 27th Street and West Grand Avenue.

No moving vehicles or public transit will be allowed into the street closure area from 5–9 pm or as soon as is safe.

Load-In  3–4:30 pm
Food Vendors: All food vendors are required to enter Telegraph from 27th.
All other participants: It is recommended that street vendors, music, artists, and performers enter from West Grand.
You may drive in at pre-designated points of entry, unload, and then park your vehicle elsewhere off Telegraph. There is no parking within the event footprint during the event.
You will have the location where you can set up before the event. Event staff will be on hand to help participants find their spots.

Load-Out   9 pm
When the streets are cleared  for load-out traffic, after 9 pm, you may be allowed to drive your vehicle back in to the street closure area. event security will let you know when it is safe to do so.

There are no shared generators or grid provided by the arts festival at this time. If you need power you need to bring your own whisper generator, solar generator, or a regular generator that is totally soundproofed.
Please do not bring a noisy generator that is not sound proofed or in an enclosure of some kind.

Cardboard trash cans will be placed down the center of the Telegraph from 27th to West Grand.
Please pick up your own trash and the trash around you to keep the neighborhood clean.
Food Truck Vendors must clean up in their area after taking down. Those who leave trash may not be invited back.
KONO's Safety First will be distributing trash bags to all vendors to gather trash in their areas.

Attending the Event as a Visitor

Public Parking
1. The multi-story garage at 19th & Franklin (entrance on 19th or Franklin) will be open until 12midnight.
2. The two-story garage at 21st & Telegraph will be open until 12midnight with entrance from off of Broadway.  
Both lots will charge for parking.

Parking is often limited. We recommend taking public transportation if possible! Oakland First Fridays is only a few blocks from the 19th Street Downtown Oakland BART Station. Several AC Transit bus lines stop nearby.

For additional parking ideas:

Public Restrooms (Portapotties)
21st and Telegraph Ave (ADA)
• 23rd at Telegraph Ave
• 24th at Telegraph Ave
• 25th at Telegraph Ave.
• 26th at Telegraph Ave

Pedestrian Safety
Pedestrian safety is a number one concern during First Fridays. Take care crossing 27th Street and West Grand Avenues.
Please keep the designated Fire Lanes clear at all times. 

Media / Press

If you are writing an article, doing a show, or want to do interviews with some of the stakeholders of Oakland First Fridays please contact the event Coordinator, Sarah Kidder, at

Maps on
Artist-Vendor Map:
Maps of the overall footprint of the legal OakFF street closures are available on the website as well as recommended locations for music, street vendors, and food vendors.
Visitor Map:
The Visitor map will have locations of all vendors, merchants, and galleries that are participating in First Fridays that have signed up as a free member to the Oakland First Fridays website
Art Murmur Map:
The Art Murmur Map on is a comprehensive map of all the Art Murmur visual arts organizations, galleries, venues, collectives that are part of the Art Murmur organization. Art Murmur is a cultural partner with First Fridays. Visit to find out what’s going on this month at Art Murmur.

Please send emails for general inquiries for participation to
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